Top 10 Tips For Keeping Your Vacation Rental Organized In 2016


Two weeks into 2016, the glow has probably faded around your New Years resolutions. If you own a vacation rental, maybe there’s also a cleaning job you’re dreading. Here are some tips for keeping organized and resolved in the new year:


1. Take care of the bed first.


According to expert organizers, making your bed first thing in the morning sets you up for a day of success, in and out of the organizational arena. Why shouldn’t your vacation rental be the same? Strip the sheets, pillows, and duvets and replace them first thing. If you do your laundry on-site, the washing and drying cycles should give you just enough time to make everything else tidy.


2. Simplify your cleaning products.


Do you have one product that cleans only mirrors? Swap it out for a multi-purpose glass cleaner. Apply the same logic to the rest of your cleansers and tools, too, so your kit is easy to tuck away or whisk out the door.


3. After the bed, tackle the kitchen or bathroom.


While your motivation is high, tackle one of these two rooms. They’re usually the most in need of cleaning. Good luck!


4. Bring a friend — to help you strategize.


Yes, they can also help with the cleaning. First, though, ask them to go through your vacation rental and find necessary items (towels, toilet paper, wifi passwords). If they have trouble finding anything, find a better spot. This will minimize mess in the future, since renters won’t tear through the space looking for what they need.


5. Cluster furniture around the best view.


Got a great skyline from the west window? A beautiful sunrise to the east? Television is the same everywhere. Try aiming furniture at the unique amenities outside.


6. Check the fridge.


Make sure nothing is expired. This includes any condiments! Nobody wants to see fossilized ketchup.


7. Dust before you vacuum.


Seems obvious, right? And yet.


8. Prevent disasters.


Make sure all alarms, heating and cooling systems, locks, plumbing, and electricity are in working order. Make sure emergency contact information is easily accessible by guests, should any problems still arise.


9. Check again.


Everything looks clean and organized until your guest walks through, and then you see that one missed spot. Trick yourself: leave the space and come back in through the front door. Clean up whatever you missed.


10. Hire a cleaning service.


We know, you’ve got this well in hand. But what if you could relax and enjoy instead of cleaning?